Welcome to HealingOurselvesNaturally.com

Welcome to HealingOurselvesNaturally.com

A Community for Healing, Support, and Grassroots Research of Medicine

In my 40 years as a physician, spent mainly exploring different “alternative” avenues towards healing, I have again and again come across new and sometimes better ways to stimulate healing.  The natural healing field has evolved greatly during these 40 years.

There is a tremendous need for research into the healing effects of natural products, protocols, and devices. Conventional research is very expensive. Double-blind studies, sometimes called the Gold Standard in research, are of limited value.  The true Gold Standard in research is the outcome-based study on large numbers of people.  This site is to generate this research through your participation.

While formal studies are ideal, and we’ll incorporate them into the site, this is mainly informal.  However, when possible, documentation of the initial condition and the final results will guarantee that the results are what they say!

Our main goal is to have real time results of the effects of whatever natural program you choose to stimulate your own healing.  Whether you are changing your diet, taking targeted nutritional supplements (using herbs, spices, and/or specialized extracts and combinations), using a bio-energy therapy technology, a meditation technique, or some combination of the above, we will follow your results, put them together with the results of others, and come to know the outcomes on our health of many different approaches.

One of the herbs that has emerged as being uniquely effective in a very large range of conditions is cannabis.  Although most people would be surprised at the large amount of research done on cannabis in the laboratory, there is still relatively little in the way of clinical research (allowing FDA/DEA to claim in court there are no proven medical benefits).

Because of the socio-political nature of cannabis (it’s still considered without medical value under Federal law), we are creating a separate section for cannabis.  Still, it is a natural substance, an herb…  If you live in a state where it is legal for you to use it, and you want to try it to relieve your suffering, we would like to invite you to join our study.  If you’re not in a state where it is legal, it may be possible, contact our legal department.

On HealingOurselvesNaturally.com, I’ll introduce the “healing variables” that I’ve seen repeatedly work over the years.  A healing variable is a change you make.  Such a change might be stopping to eat gluten (or some other food(s)).  It might be drinking apple cider vinegar.  It might be exercising or meditating.  It might be taking nutritional supplement(s).  It might be using an electromagnetic healing tool.

We don’t call them treatments, because we are not treating disease.  We are re-creating health.

We will have our recommended programs for treating various disease conditions. There will be approaches for general well-being and improved health.  Welcome to the HealingOurselvesNaturally.com community!</p>


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