Research/Variables In Healing Ourselves

Research and Variables In Healing Ourselves

The driving force behind this website is the intent to document the effectiveness (or lack of) of natural and sometimes controversial approaches to healing, such as nutrition, herbs, phytonutrients, energy medicine, and application of the mind/consciousness.  Cannabis (an herb) might (or might not) be the most controversial, but we will take controversial subjects head-on, especially if we’ve seen them work personally!  One of our first controversies will be “Gluten-Free.”  We’ll even take on the Snake Oil controversy!  Our natural cancer programs will be controversial to some.  How about an inexpensive way to defeat HIV?

Anecdotes are wonderful, and that’s new things are discovered.  One anecdote, a few more, a few more.  Eventually, enough experience shows the obvious.  But because some people are double-blind (blind in both eyes), they can’t see the truth without double-blind studies.  But the best science comes from large outcome based results.  What’s the outcome?

We are conditioned to think that if we are ill, we will use a treatment.  For a variety of reasons, we don’t want to use that term.  We don’t see that we are treating illness.  We are supporting the body to return itself to health.  The body heals itself!  You might take a series of herbs, spices, and phytonutrients.  We are calling these “variables,” not treatments.  You might change your diet.  This is another variable.  You may use an electromagnetic therapy of some kind.  That is another variable.

Most modern diseases are diseases of lifestyle.  A lot of different things led to them, and generally a single magic bullet won’t cure them or greatly reduce them, though sometimes we are surprised by the effectiveness of single products.  Many such products contain 3-10 or more different ingredients.  So, for healing from serious illness and conditions, we will offer menus with variables we believe can help the conditions.  We expect that people will be choosing a number of different variables off the menu.

Below are some of the beginning Trials I’d like to invite you to participate in:  These all involve programs I’ve used in my office for many years.   Some of these involve the use of products you would need to buy.  Some items that might be hard to find are available through our store.  Insurance does not cover any of these, at this time.

The Cannabis Trials:  We would like to document the effects of cannabis on you and your condition(s). As the medical use of cannabis evolves, new questions are being raised.  The old ones still need more formal answering:  How much benefit do people really get from cannabis for things like pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraine, epilepsy, anorexia nervosa, asthma, depression, schizophrenia, rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions, Ulcerative Colitis and related conditions (Crohn’s and Irritable Bowel Syndrome), muscle spasms for quadraplegia and paraplegia, malaise, etc.  New questions include the use of different strains, delivery systems, and dosages.  Also, in the past few years, there is evidence that concentrated cannabis oils have been successful at treating cancer.  I have personally seen example of success that are dramatic, and I have seen a few failures.  It needs to be studied.  We hope folks trying it out will record their results on this website, so we all can know.

The Cigarette Addiction Antidote Trial.  We have a unique, and uniquely effective program to quit cigarettes.  It involves a device that we have seen completely melt the need for a cigarette in more than 94% of smokers. It appears to be very effective for those who want to quit.  Do you or someone you love want to quit?

The Gluten-Free Trial.  The genetics of the wheat plant changed 30 years ago.  The former “amber waves of grain” are now literally dwarfs that produce 10 times more per acre.  We now know that many or most people have trouble digesting gluten-related proteins, the result being weight gain, allergies, auto-immune disease, heart disease, brain disease, etc ad nauseum literally.  I believe anyone not in perfect health should do a trial of 3 months fanatically gluten-free.  We would love to track this in large numbers.  Expect huge results in general, and perhaps for you personally.  You won’t know til you try!

The Apple Cider Vinegar Trial, raw, unfiltered with “the Mother.”  Bragg is my favorite brand.  Reportedly useful for too many things to mention here.  It’s cheap, easy.  Let’s see how effective it really is!

The Snake Oil Trial.  We all need essential fatty acids (EFA’s).  Fish Oil (omega 3) vs Seed Oil (omega 3). It turns out that snake oil actually has the same beneficial fatty acids as fish oil.  There are studies and clinical experience touting the benefit of 6-9 grams of high quality, clean fish oil in

The Vitamin D3 Trials:  We have seen that large daily doses of Vitamin D3 has been beneficial and sometimes miraculous in treating a wide range of conditions.  We evolved naked in the sun, and had high levels of D3.  Now everyone has low or dangerously or even desperately low levels, but most people don’t know it because they aven’t been tested.  We can help you get tested, if you need help.  We want to study the effect of 10,000 units a day, preferably in an absorbable form.  Testing your blood level occasionally (once a year) is necessary to make sure you don’t get too much D3, but it is almost impossible for that to happen at these doses.  Vitamin D3 is a highly recommended element for healing ourselves of recurrent viral infections, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disease, and the list goes on and on.

The PolyMVA Trials:  This liquid crystal nutritional supplement may be one of the single most effective weapons in one’s fight against cancer.  I have been involved with patients and family using PolyMVA since 1998.  I use myself on and off.  Aside from its use in healing ourselves from cancer, it was rumored that “theoretically” it should reduce wrinkles.  Indeed, some major wrinkles that were developing on my face nearly disappeared during one period of my regular use of PolyMVA.  The people I know who are long time users of PolyMVA don’t have many wrinkles, even if they are old.  Research also shows that PolyMVA protects against stroke damage, which means it would also protect against damage in heart disease or any situation where one is low oxygen.  So we hope people will try it in situations of cancer, heart disease, psoriasis.  PolyMVA is expensive, relatively speaking….  If the results are there often enough, it seems worth it to me.



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