Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine
• Natural cures for cancer?
• Natural cures for heart disease?
• Natural cures for almost all diseases?
• Better ways to a positive state of health?
• Better ways to age gracefully and healthfully?

YES! This is the experience of thousands of doctors and millions of patients. These successful treatments have not been accepted by mainstream medicine, yet, because there has not been enough research. There is, however, a ton of clinical experience. Clinical experience, in the end, is as important or more important than double blind studies. Only rarely is it found that double-blind studies refute clinical experience. The problem is not the absence of natural therapies that can and do “cure” and prevent diseases. The problem is knowing which of the many wonderful natural remedies to use, and in what combinations? The secret is in having the right program. The second problem is that lifestyle changes are usually necessary, including diet changes and stress management. People need to be willing to do what is necessary to get well. Often, people are not willing to do what’s necessary. But if you want to get well, attain a positive state of health, if you are motivated, natural programs can help.
This website is to generate outcome based research to let us know what works (and what doesn’t). Because we are starting with programs, products, and protocols that have been proven (to me) in years of clinical experience, we suspect we will get excellent results. These results will speak for themselves.

Natural Medicine starts with these premises:
• Health is the natural state of the bodymindspirit, which is one whole system.
• Nature has given to us everything we need to guarantee health and to return health when it slips away.
• Health is more than the absence of illness. It is a positive state of radiance.
Natural Medicine emphasizes:
• Natural Substances — Nutrients from food and herbs, many of which have been used for millennia for healing purposes. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phytochemicals, and other nutrients are being used in increasingly sophisticated ways to treat illnesses of all kinds.
• Energy — The body has been proven to be electromagnetic in nature, with the same type of solid state electromagnetic qualities of quartz, which is semi-conducting and piezo-electric. All types of vibrations from all parts of the spectrum and from all types of sources are suspected for possible therapeutic effects.
• Consciousness –Acknowledgment of the role of consciousness in health — consciousness is capable of accomplishing powerful acts of creativity with the body, including creating health from disease. By the way, consciousness is not the mind.
• Acknowledgment of the role of all aspects of the environment, people, places, things, etc. in creation of health and illness.
• Non-Toxic — Although almost anything can be toxic in too large of a dose or to someone who is allergic or hypersensitive, in general, natural treatments are dramatically lower in toxicity than most synthetic drugs.

Although the public isn’t aware of it, Natural Medicine has achieved an impressive level of maturity in the past thirty years. There are several medical organizations of physicians specializing in this type of medicine. The American College for Advancement in Medicine,, is over 25 years old and has more than a thousand members. They hold educational conferences twice a year. The International College of Integrative Medicine,, is another long established medical organization of physicians practicing natural medicine and holding biannual conferences. The International Oxidative Medicine Association is another very important group of physicians doing something you won’t see today in an American hospital, though if you did, it would make a deep cut into the health crisis. We’ll have more on this down the line. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine,, is another growing organization teaching physicians this genre of medicine.  The Society of Cannabis Clincians is the group of physicians working under California’s Compassionate Use Act since 1998.

On this website, you will have the opportunity to help prove what works (and what doesn’t). Nothing works for everybody. We believe there is something for everyone that will help them get well or at least feel better. We will offer our Trials, and the results will speak for themselves.

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