Gluten-Free… Right For Me?

Given that there are many factors that can contribute to or cause disease, sometimes there are simple things that we are doing that make us sick or sicker. One item recently being accused of causing us to be sick or sicker is wheat, particularly the gluten family of proteins. In the “new wheat” that we’ve been eating for thirty years, there is a different protein that difficult for most people to digest. This process can end up with damage to almost any organ system, and usually more than one.

In my practice, I have advised patients to do a three to six month experiment of fanatically avoiding wheat/gluten, to see what happens to their health. Some people have followed my advice, and most of them report improvements in: allergies, congestion, auto-immune disease, pain, digestive functioning, to name a few. There are some that report no improvement, but they are rare. Many improvements are dramatic.

We are inviting people who have already done gluten free to post what their problem was prior to gluten-free, and what happened with the new program.

Most importantly, we are asking folks who’ve not yet tried gluten-free, to try, and let us know how it goes.

Usually improvements start within a day or two! Many improvements take longer to show up. This is why I suggest a three-to-six month experiment. One warning, if you were very sick to start with, and you get a lot better, it might not be best to end the experiment, as intense reactions to wheat are possible in that situation.




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