The Energy Medicine Revolution

The Energy Medicine Revolution

Reversing Modern Medicine’s Biggest Mistake

Using energy medicine, we have the first treatment demonstrated to take away the cravings for cigarettes and all the other addictive drugs. We have successful treatments for almost all conditions, yet they are essentially unknown. On this site, I’m bringing you the ones I personally use myself and in my practice, that have passed the true test of time, success over many years (beginning with Alpha-Stim, PMT 100). Others that I’ve used will come along gradually.

The highest technology is the human body, and I’ll even teach you how to generate healing energy from your hands that sometimes works when nothing else works or when nothing else is available or when it just makes you happy to heal a friend or beloved. But for most people, most of the time, the Alpha-Stim and the PMT 100 are a good start for energy medicine healing. The sky is the limit, though. The frequency spectrum is immense, and ways of delivering frequencies are abundant. While the right nutrients are helpful and often necessary, the right energy can make the difference between life and death, between suffering and healing.  I’ve seen severe pain melt in minutes with both the Alpha-Stim and the PMT 100.

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists believed they had proven that life, and the human body in particular, was not electromagnetic in nature. Therefore, forms of energy that did not heat or ionize the body could not have a therapeutic effect. Many forms of electromagnetic therapy were widely used at the time. “To protect the public,” all these therapies were summarily banned from all use by 1910.

It turns out that this decision was premature. It was wrong. It was a big mistake, if you are interested in healing people and yourself.

The body is highly electromagnetic. In fact, the body is literally a liquid crystal with the same type of solid-state electromagnetism as modern technology. Increasingly sophisticated methods are being used to modulate the body’s natural electromagnetic fields and currents to stimulate the healing process.

More and more energy healing technologies are becoming available.  So far, I’ve preferred to work with low intensity methods that are sure to be completely safe. Yes small pulsations of magnetic energy or small pulsations of electric energy can be remarkably healing. Even the right frequencies of light and sound, as well as other ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum can have remarkable healing powers.  But since August, 2014, I’ve been working with the PMT 100, a mega-magnetic technology.  I see amazing results every day in my office from these technologies.

The Basic Science

But Isn’t This Impossible?

Physicians and scientists have accepted for almost two hundred years that the body is not by nature subtly electromagnetic. Accepted dogma has been that only energy that could actually heat or ionize tissue could cause a physiological effect, good or bad.

This is now understood to be not true. Magnetic energy, and particularly pulses of magnetic energy, even at very low intensity and extremely low frequencies, can stimulate physiological effects. Micro-electric currents with the right wave forms can have dramatic effects on pain, mood, and stress levels.

These effects are possible to understand through looking at a variety of cellular electrochemical reactions, including a calcium cascade in the cells. But most particularly, one should consider the revolutionary discoveries of Robert O. Becker, M.D..

Dr. Becker, an orthopedic surgeon in upstate New York, using basic science research done in a Veterans Hospital, published throughout the 1960’s in (mainly) orthopedic surgery medical journals, proved that the body is highly electromagnetic. In fact, he showed that the body possesses semi-conduction and piezoelectricity, the same driving electrical phenomena on which modern technology is based. Modern technology uses crystals such as quartz. The summary of the research was published in 1970 in Science, the world’s most prestigious journal. The body is a high tech mechanism!

People Need Their ElectroMagnetic Energy

It is an accepted principle of electromagnetics that a magnetic field moving through a wire will stimulate an electric current in the wire. The body, of course, does not have wires. However, as was suggested by the great physicist Erwin Schrodinger, the body is a liquid crystal. Dr. Becker showed how the body functions electrically. Just as crystals semi-conduct electric currents, with tremendous information storage and exchange, liquid crystals in the body such as DNA, RNA, protein chains, fatty acid chains, bone matrices (which are solid crystals), and cell membranes also semi-conduct important true electric currents.

Thus, small amounts of magnetic or electric energy, when applied to the body, can have powerful therapeutic effects. Likewise, energies of various ranges of the energy spectrum, when applied in the right frequencies, pulsations, and wave forms, can stimulate big healing.

The first application of electricity in modern medicine was Dr. Becker’s use of electrical stimulation to successfully heal non-union fractures. My favorite updated version of electrical technology is the Alpha-Stim, a micro-current electrical stimulator that has a wide range of medical applications. It is remarkably safe and effective for relieving pain, for treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraine, fibromyalgia, and drug addiction. It is even proving to be a successful treatment for cigarette addiction.

Another of my favorite healing technologies is a low-intensity pulsed magnetic field device, the Quantron Resonance System (QRS). It is totally safe. Research in Germany has demonstrated a wide range of benefits. It is known to prevent and reverse osteoporosis. It reduces inflammation. It has been shown beneficial in most people in most types of arthritis. Research has shown that red blood cells become more elastic and less sticky, probably because the cells take a higher electric charge. A higher cell membrane potential might explain the beneficial results in studies using the QRS in cancer treatment. The QRS is both relaxing and energizing. In most people it will have a beneficial effect, introducing a gentle healing energy to every cell in the body.

One of the most interesting new bio-energy technologies is LifeWave, “software for the human body.” LifeWave consists of patches worn on the body. No drug is transmitted. The patches send signals that modulate the body’s natural electromagnetic currents. The original LifeWave patch increases energy, strength, and endurance. The research figures are about a 15% increase, but my experience and those I know using it show that in the real world, it is much easier to make it through the day without fatigue and with less pain. A new skincare patch is reported to raise the body’s glutathione level. Promoted for skin care, it may help everything!

All of the above treatments can be seen and tried at my office in Hollywood, CA.

Other promising energy therapies exist, and I’ll introduce some of them as I can.


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