Consciousness and Spirituality

Consciousness and Spirituality

Consciousness remains the biggest mystery in life.  We take it for granted, but if you try to explain it…  It’s not easy to explain.  Usually small words are slippery in meaning, but here’s a large word that is difficult to define.

Is consciousness a by-product of matter, a lucky accidental result of random evolution?  Or is it a more basic, fundamental aspect of existence, that perhaps predates matter.  Perhaps matter is a by-product of consciousness, not the reverse!  I’ve written a book on the subject, From Medicine To Mysticism, which will be available soon as an e-book.  The hard copies of the original printing are sold out, though they can be found on

Existence is inherently spiritual.  Religions aren’t necessary.

The ageless sages taught us that, even if we are inseparable parts of an Infinite Divine Whole, we are mainly unconscious about it (and nearly everything else).  The conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg. The unconscious mind is the rest of the iceberg.  The super-conscious mind is the ocean.  The cosmic mind is the sky.  So much for metaphors.

The work, then, is to become more conscious, less unconscious.  Diseases and suffering are created, at least in part if not in whole, by our unconscious thinking and behavior.  Become more conscious, become healthier and happier.

This is probably the most important of all the dimensions of healing.  The more dimensions you engage, the more likely your healing will be complete.



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