Cannabis: Gateway Herb

Cannabis: Gateway Herb To Natural Medicine

Surprise!  Cannabis has emerged as being uniquely effective in helping people in a very large range of conditions. Since the Compassionate Use Act went into effect in 1997, I’ve seen thousands of patients for whom cannabis has brought immense relief, and in some cases literally saved their lives.  Over and over I’ve been surprised at the therapeutic effects of cannabis.  I was surprised to find that it not only relieved malaise that’s always part of a serious disease, it actually was reducing the disease itself.  Eventually, I realized that the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabis actually reduced the severity of almost all auto-immune diseases and almost any disease caused by inflammation.

Although most people would be surprised at the large amount of research done on cannabis in the laboratory, there is still relatively little in the way of clinical research (allowing FDA/DEA to claim in court there are no proven medical benefits)

There is a tremendous need for research into the healing effects of cannabis, as well as other natural products, protocols, and devices.

Conventional research is very expensive. Double-blind studies, sometimes called the Gold Standard in research, are of limited value.  The true Gold Standard in research are outcome-based studies on large numbers of people.  This site is to generate this research through your participation.

The main goal is to have real time results of the effects of cannabis on your suffering.  This includes results from the type of cannabis or delivery system you are using.  For example, you may know the exact strain you are using.  You might be smoking it, or vaporizing it, or eating it.  You may get it in already prepared edible or pill or tincture form, where the dosages are known.

We are particularly interested in the use of the super-concentrated cannabis oil in treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses.  When possible, the exact amounts of THC/CBD and other components of the herb can be reported.

At the beginning, we will have a section for people who have had positive results with cannabis in reducing their suffering. These are clearly testimonials, which of course have tremendous value. The outcome studies that will follow will be of so much greater value.

Cannabis is the gateway herb to Natural Medicine.  On, I’ll introduce many other “healing variables” that I’ve seen repeatedly work over the years.  A healing variable is a change you make.  Such a change might be stopping to eat gluten (or some other food(s)).  It might be exercising or meditating.  It might be taking nutritional supplement(s).  It might be using an electromagnetic healing tool.   We don’t call them treatments, because we are not treating disease.  We are re-creating health.


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